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The Barrier Silence CD Album A Distant Memory of Home CD Mini Album Plans For Travel CD Album

LATEST NEWS: The new album 'Plans for Travel' was released on Ochre Records (OCH028LCD) on 04/02/2002. The album is a collection of nine pieces inspired by classic journeys and the ground-breaking pioneers of land, sea and sky.

The album received a 10/10 review from Lisa McGee in the February 2002 edition of Future Music. She wrote "This album is inspired by ground-breaking forms of transport, hence tracks called 'Midnight Blue Star (a train), 'Supermarine S6' (a seaplane of course) and 'By Airship Over the Polar Ice'. A weak idea perhaps but it's lucky then that the music is good enough to syrvive on its own. From the exquisite opening 'Citroen DS' and the soothing 'Morini and the Italian Lakes' to the moody 'Ekranoplan', this classically crafted mix of clean synths, haunting effects and subtle precussion is in the Blue States vein, but somehow even better. No doubt we'll be hearing this on adverts and holiday shows everywhere soon."

Meanwhile David Sheppard writing in Q called it "a bucolic and often beguiling, listen" and gave the album ***.

01 'U.H.F' appeared on the 'Decalogue' mini-vinyl album (Ochre - OCH033).
02 'The Barrier Silence' CD Album. (Ochre - OCH014LCD). Date Of Release: 13/09/99. Limited to 500 copies. Tracks: 1. Hut Point 2. U.H.F 3. Streamliner 4. Carpet Of Fireflies 5. I.T.O.M 6. Winter Road Movie 7. Cape Crozier 8. First Atlantic Flight 9. Blue Sky Barrow. Click Here to find out all about this album.
03 'Metronome' appeared on the 'Through the Square Window' CD compilation (Blue Flea - Blue Flea 10).
04 'Blue Sky Barrow (Live)' appeared on the '271199' CD compilation (Ochre - OCH020LCD).
05 '0 Degrees C' appeared on the 'Zero' compilation of 1 minute tracks. (Audio Research Editions - A.R.E.CD103).
06 'A Distant Memory of Home' CD Mini-Album. (AAR - AAR002). Tracks: 1. On the Ice Flow 2. A Distant Memory of Home 3. In the Museum Case. Click Here to find out all about this album.
07 'Lola and the Northern Lights' appeared on 'Infrasonic Waves' CD compilation (Ochre - OCH025LCD).
08 'Cape Crozier' appeared on 'Song for the Blue Times' CD compilation (Ochre - OCH025LCD).
09 'U.H.F.' appeared on 'Art Rocker' magazine cover cassette CD compilation (Art Rocker - 2mc).
10 'Supermarine' appeared on 'Ochre 7' CD compilation (Ochre - OCH030LCD).
11 'Plans For Travel' CD Album. (Ochre - OCH028LCD). Released 04/02/2002 Tracks: 1. Citroen DS 2. Supermarine S6 3. Midnight Blue Star 4. Morini and the Italian Lakes 5. Ekranoplan 6. English Electric 7. Under Leaves and Trees 8 By Airship Over the Polar Ice 9 'A' Class on Exercise Click Here to find out all about this album.
12 'The Search For' appeared on Enraptured CD compilation 'Audio Wonderland'.
01 21/10/99 LONDON Highbury Garage
02 27/11/99 GLOUCESTER, Guildhall, (OCHRE 5 Festival)
03 04/03/00 LONDON Notting Hill Arts Centre
04 02-04/06/00 CHELTENHAM, St Pauls, Shurdington
05 05/10/00 LONDON, Camden Underworld
06 12/10/00 BRISTOL, The Cube
07 26/04/01 CHELTENHAM, The Strand
08 17/05/01 BRISTOL, Thekla
09 21/06/01 LIVERPOOL, Unity Theatre (Mycroft's Curious Delight 2)
10 12/07/01 CHELTENHAM, The Strand
11 20/10/01 LONDON, The Spitz
12 17/11/01 GLOUCESTER, Guildhall, (OCHRE 7 Festival)
13 16/03/02 LONDON, The Spitz (With E.A.R.)
14 24/03/02 CHELTENHAM, Cooks
15 25/04/02 BRISTOL, Louisiana (With Glide, Longstone and The Land of Nod)
16 27/03/02 BRISTOL, Louisiana
17 20/04/02 CHELTENHAM, Cooks
18 26/04/02 LONDON, The Spitz (With Glide, Longstone and The Land of Nod)
19 18/05/02 LONDON, Vauxhall Open 2002
20 01/06/02 LONDON, Notting Hill Arts Club
21 07/06/02 LONDON, View Gallery

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