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'Plans For Travel' is a collection of nine pieces inspired by classic journeys and the ground-breaking pioneers of land, sea and sky. The sleeve artwork features a selection of images taken from advertising posters of the 1920's and 30's, the cover being an illustration of the Supermarine S6B and further illustrations feature ocean liners and a Bugatti.
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Track By Track

1. Citroen DS (6:18) Debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 1955, the DS is the quintessential French car, a work of pure art on four wheels. It still looks as startling and contemporary today as it did nearly fifty years ago. Citroen DS
Supermarine S6 2. Supermarine S6 (4:00) The Schneider Trophy was the premier air speed contest in the 1920's and it helped accelerate the development of aircraft between the wars. The British Supermarine S6 proved unbeatable and in 1931 won the trophy outright. This beautiful float plane is now in the Science Museum, London.
3. Midnight Blue Star (5:10) For hundreds of years, ships have been crossing the Atlantic but by this century, a voyage that was once hazardous was now being undertaken purely for pleasure on now luxurious giant liners. This track captures a moment, mid ocean, at midnight, leaning on the deck rail and looking out over a calm sea and a clear, starry sky. Midnight Blue Star
Morini 4. Morini and the Italian Lakes (4:47) There is a long tradition of racing on the public roads in Italian motorcycling and in the 50's and 60's many beautiful little 175cc machines were built by all the major manufacturers in the country. This track includes the exhaust note of a stunning-sounding Morini on some quiet country roads.
5. Ekranoplan (8:09) A top secret Cold War Soviet development, these ground effect aircaft grew from early experimental prototypes, to the massive 'Caspian Sea Monster', the 'KM', 100 metres long and flying just above the surface of the water at 550 kph, carrying a phenomenal payload. Ekranoplan KM
Early London Transport Locomotive 'Sarah Siddons' 6. English Electric (3:30) One of the characteristic journeys of the Twentieth Century, born out of the expansion of Towns and Cities and the railways that served them, the daily commuter routine took it's modern form with the first electric locomotives in the 1920.s.
7. Under Leaves and Trees (9:02) Canon Basil H. Davies wrote for the motorcycle press of the 30's, 40's and 50's under the pseudonym 'Ixion', recording from his own experiences the early years of motorcycle development in the pioneer Era, pre 1900 to about 1920. He has left a remarkable and sparkling account of the birth of motorcycling, written with great knowledge and humour. This track is a tribute to him. An Early Motorcycle
Amundsen's Airship 'Norge' 8. By Airship Over the Polar Ice (4:09) The legendary Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen, who was first to the South Pole arriving before Captain Scott's polar party in 1911, never lost his taste for adventure in extreme places. In 1926 he took the airship 'Norge' from Spitzbergen across the North Pole to Alaska, the first airship over the pole.
9. 'A' Class on Exercise (5:11) These submarines were part of the Royal Navy fleet for many years and my dad served on board an 'A' Class, H.M.S. Artful. This track runs through a practise dive, under silent routine, in the North Sea. Royal Navy 'A' Class Sunmarine

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