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Spring 2009 Catalogue

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'Upside Down'  CD Album

Feral Waves is the new project from Ant Walker, guitarist with 'the Land of Nod' and the man behind the 'Lakescene' and 'Pulsar' releases on Ochre. 'Upside Down' features a more conventional guitar based, song driven approach. Melodic, Psychedlic Pop/Rock reminiscent of early Stone Roses or the Verve and reminiscent of some of the Church's finest earlier recordings.


'Kabuki'  CD Album

West Country electronic experimentalists Longstone return to Ochre Records for the release of their 6th studio album, Kabuki. Recorded in the autumn of 2008, Kabuki has six sections with a total duration of 43 minutes and 36 seconds . All six members of the current live band participated in the studio recordings, making this the most complete Longstone band recording to date. If you were at any of last year’s gigs, then this album comes very close to representing the recent live sound of the band. The experimental electronica of Mike Cross and Mike Ward blend organically with improvised woodwind , percussion and guitar, creating a fascinating suite of music - ranging from alien soundscapes , through to Krautrock infused, beat driven workouts.

“We started by working up some new tracks as a live band during rehearsals and then recorded the results, eventually recording the entire set as a single take. After a few attempts at this the best version was chosen to which were added extra sax and percussion overdubs could be added. We feel this approach allowed us to capture the improvised nature of the Longstone live sound for the CD, whilst still retaining the flexibility of a studio recording".


'Rape Scene'  CD Album

‘Rape Scene’ is the third studio album from THIGHPAULSANDRA and follows on from the hugely successful ‘I Thighpaulsandra’ and ‘Double Vulgar’ albums that were released on Coil’s own legendary Eskaton label. Both albums that literally go way beyond genre categorization.Thighpaulsandra is also a full-time member of both Coil and Spiritualized and also is one-half of the Queen Elizabeth project with Julian Cope as well as being a former member of Cope’s group. ‘Rape Scene’ also features Spiritualized bassist Martin Schellard and Rocketgoldstar’s Siôn Orgon. ‘Rape Scene’ features three lengthy, intriguing, pieces of around fifteen minutes. ‘Joyful Misuse Of The Gomco Clamp’, ‘The Busy Jew’ and ‘His Lavish Showroom’.


'Barstool Blues'  CD Album

‘Mike Randle is lead guitarist in Arthur Lee's Love. Mike hails from Los Angeles and has become an integral part of the current Love line-up, not only on lead guitar but on backing vocals as well and has worked with Arthur in Love since 1993. 'Barstool Blues' has a very laid back summery feel to it, think of Californian sunshine and the Beach Boys and if that's what you're after, then you will not be disappointed.


'To the Dust From Man You Came and to Man You Shall Return'  CD Album

CHARLES ATLAS are back with 'To The Dust...', the new album which is the follow up to the 'Worsted Weight' album, also released on Ochre. It is the fifth album from this San Francisco outfit and is, once more, beautifully recorded. Charles Wyatt and Matt Greenberg have benefitted from the enlistment of Sacha Galvagna (formerly of Mute's Rosa Mota). Sacha joined prior to the recordings of 'Worsted Weight' and once again on this new album, his focused playing continue to refine the band. This album possesses a curious combination of beauty and dislocation which includes a mature and atmospheric selection of pieces ranging from delicately treated piano flourishes, viola drones and other worldly synth bleeps. Gentle and eerie pieces are juxtaposed with unsettling musical collages.


'My True Intent is for Your Delight'  CD Album

ELECTRIC KOOL AID is the project of West Country recording artist Curtis Lewis. ‘My True Intent Is Your Delight’ is an album full of glorious colourful laid back grooves that would not sound out of place alongside the likes of Royksopp, Boards Of Canada, Air or New Order. The album also possesses a feel not too dissimilar to the highly critically acclaimed Skyray ‘Mind Lagoons’ release on Ochre from a couple of years back. Electric Kool Aid has recently been working with fellow Ochre act Longstone who guest on this the debut E.K.A album. The debut Electric Kool Aid 12” ‘Everybody’s Groove’ was single of the month in Jockey Slut and soon sold out of it’s pressing. Lewis’s musical career began in 1996 as one half of the legendary Bass Cadets.


'Grace and Delete'  CD Album

Debut album from the duo of Chris Cundy [bass clarinet] and James Dunn [electronics] who have worked together since 1996. Recorded by Chris Trent under the dome of the regency Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham, the music reflects a contrasting world of incredible noise and, at times, devastating proportions. The materials used, nonetheless, are relatively restricted; bass clarinet (played acoustically), a Casio keyboard (circuit-bent) and a defunct tinnitus analyser (is this music trying to detect alien noises where there should be silence?). This fairly limited set up helps to define the albums incredible compression of ideas and musical statements, which tend to swell and quake like the strange familiarity of micro-biological explosions.


'Never Sleep at Night'  CD Album

Mellow Drunk are a five piece currently taking San Francisco by storm. Led by Leigh Gregory on vocals and guitar the group also features ex-Spectrum, Smallstone and ex co-founding Brian Jonestown Massacre member Rick Maymi on guitar. The line-up is completed with Daniel Dietrick (ex-Your Precious You) on bass and vocals, Steven Cavorretto (Dora Flood) on keyboards, trumpet and vocals, and Patrick Harte (ex-The Rosemarys) on drums. The group have been compared to the likes of THE CHURCH, THE ONLY ONES, RAIN PARADE and THE BYRDS to name but a few whilst a recent live review in the San Francisco Weekly compared the track ‘Queen Of the Night’ to classic Bowie!

With the release of their debut album ‘Always Be Drunk’ in 2000, and the CDEP ‘Everybody Knows You’re a Star’, San Francisco’s Mellow Drunk have quickly established themselves as purveyors of finely arranged melodic pop tunes, as well as favourites on the West Coast club circuit. Supergrass, Luna & Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci have all had the band open for them when they’ve been in town. Not content to be only local heroes, there’s a loyal following gathering around the globe too, all hooked on the fragile beauty of the songs, their touch of melancholy that brings hope, their closeness.

Now, a few long nights later spent working up new arrangements and ideas into shape, the band are ready to return with their sophomore effort ‘Never Sleep at Night’.


'The Happiest Man Alive'  CD Album

APPLECRAFT are the duo DON MANDARIN and MIKE MOONEY (Lupine Howl and ex-Spiritualized / Julian Cope). The ‘Happiest Man Alive’is is the follow up to the critically acclaimed Applecraft’s debut album release ‘The Shining City On The Hill’. Mooney for years was Julian Cope’s guitarist and a highlight was the awesome guitar solo on Cope’s ‘Safe Surfer’ track on the classic Peggy Suicide album. Mooney was also, along with Sean Cook and Damon Reece, one of three famously sacked members of Spiritualized who went on to form Lupine Howl. Don Mandarin meanwhile (aka Rich Beale of Pregnant) has had critical acclaim in his own right with the excellent ‘This Is Quo Country’ album release on Swarfinger.


'Exposition'  CD Album

Stylus is Welsh experimentalist and Peel favourite Dafydd Morgan. E.A.R. is the experimental project of Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum). Sonic states about the remix CD "It's about 10 or 12 of Dafydd's tracks made into a 52+ minute soundpiece with me doing extra sounds and processing alongside and joining tracks. You'll dig it. It's mainly using the electronic pieces". Sonic has only used tracks taken from the Stylus Ochre releases.


'I'm Here Still Now (Live at La Chapelle)'  CD Album

'I'm Here Still Now' is the new album from Acid Mothers Temple head guru Kawabata Makoto and is Makoto's third release for Ochre Records. 'I'm Here Still Now' was recorded live at La Chapelle in Toulouse in France on 9th June 2002. The recording sees Makoto present what can only be described as a guitar symphony.



'Migu'  CD Album

Migu is Cornelius drummer Yuko Araki. This is the debut Migu album and features one track; 'Train Run' which is a collaboration with Cornelius (Keigo Oyamado). Anyone who has seen Cornelius live over the past few years will have witnessed the amazing powerful drumming of Yuko and here her innovative style is highlighted on this her debut album. Yuko's versatility comes to the fore on several of the racks with not only drums and percussion but also vocals, flute and synth playing with even a string quartet appearing on the track 'Drive Strings'. Scattered beats in a mix of poetry and song. In parts the album echoes the more experimental side of Cornelius.


'Seasons'  CD Album Deleted

Seasons is a new 16 track compilation on Ochre Records, in which artists give their intrepretation of the seasons of the year. 'Seasons' is a collection of music inspired by the changing landscapes and slowly shifting patterns of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The album features exclusive new tracks from The Land of Nod, Longstone, Lakescene, 90 Degrees South and Stylus


'Under Wires and Searchlights'  CD Album Deleted

Manchester based duo Marconi Union, have to date drawn comparisons with Labradford, Brian Eno, Talk Talk and have been likened to a 'Post Rock Cinematic Orchestra' and even Pink Floyd! On this their debut album, Marconi Union have created something unique, individual and timeless, fusing acoustic sounds, strings and pianos with electronica, post rock guitars and even occaisoinally nodding towards jazz and dub. File alongside Tortoise, 90 Degrees South and Pan American.


'Worsted Weight'  CD Album

Worsted Weight is the new album from San Francisco based three-piece Charles Atlas. The album is the follow up to last year's critically acclaimed 'Felt Cover' album on Static Caravan Records. An album that not only garnered the praises of the Sunday Times, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Comes With a Smile but was also singled out by Charles Atlas's peers such as Her Space Holiday, Pram, ISAN and yellow6.
While previous records have been largel improvisational, moulded from extemporized bits of answering machine recordings and studio intensives, 'Worsted Weight' is the product of an increasingly reflective approach to songwriting. The band spent much of 2001 studying their sound and trying out new material live, sharing the bill with Papa M, Bright Eyes, Greg Weeks, Her Space Holiday, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Radar Brothers amongst others. Charles Atlas has also benefited from the recent enlistment of Sacha Galvagna (formerly with Mute's Rosa Mota). The restrained beauty of Sacha's playing focused and refined the band's sound and provided the perfect fulcrum for the ornate-minimal balancing act that has become the Charles Atlas hallmark.


'Inducing the Sleep Sphere'  CD Album

Inducing the Sleep Sphere is the eagerly anticipated new studio album from Cheltenham duo The Land of Nod. It sees them, once again, conjure up those dreamy soundscapes so reminiscent of their contemporaries such as the Spacemen 3, Windy & Carl and The Durutti Column. Music that takes the listener off to that indescribable other-worldly place. Surreal, ethereal and blissed-out, where time stands still! Several tracks on the new album also posses music with a kraut-psych feel that can only be described as a mixture of Neu!, Can Cluster and even the 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds. The track 'Eddy' is taken from the radio session that the band recorded for the legendary Serbian Radio Station B-92 in May 2002.



'I'm in Your Inner Most  CD Album

Kawabata Makoto is head guru of the Acid Mothers Temple And Melting Paradiso UFO'. I'm in your Inner Most was originally released as a limited 100 only vinyl pressing in the USA on Eclipse Records back in December 2001.
This is the first time 'I'm in Your Inner Most' has been released on CD and includes a bonus remix of the track 'Osculation' and follows on from Makoto's critically acclaimed 'Infinite Love' album on Ochre Records. It was recorded in October 2000 by Kawabata (electric organ, electric harpsichord, violin, percussion tambura and electronics) and is complimented by Audrey Gineset (voice, cosmos).


'Archive:03'  CD Album

Archive:03 is the latest instalment in the Ochre Archive series and collects together all the important non-album Longstone material released to date (most of which has previously only been available on long deleted vinyl) and includes several unreleased tracks. The 2CD set, rather than being a collection of throw-away pieces, contains many lost classics that provide a cohesive and evolving listen, highlighting Longstone's finest work.
The set, presented in chronological order includes the original 'Convex Structure' trilogy augmented by a brand new remix of 'Convex Structure Part 3' by Spacemen 3 and Spectrum founder member Sonic Boom. The critically-acclaimed 'Live in New York' is also included, as is the previously unreleased live set recorded at the Ochre 7 festival featuring guest musicians Chris Cundy and Steve Moody. Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant is also featured playing a L.I.F.E. synthesiser on a live version of 'Living Space'. Archive:03 is completed by collecting together a number of hard to find tracks that have appeared on non-Ochre singles, compilations and magazine cover freebies.


'Weird as Fish / La Via Luonge'  CD Album Deleted

This new release is a 2 in 1 CD that includes not only the legendary 'Weird as Fish' recording made by Will circa 1978 but also Will's soundtrack to the 1982 film 'La Via Luonge'. 'Weird as Fish' was created on an Akai two track trape machine and only seven cassette copies were made, thesed were distributed to friends around the 'Erics' scene - Bill Drummond, Julian Cope, Dave Balfe, Paul Simpson etc. Each cassette was a slightly different mix, this is the version that was found by Paul Simpson in his cellar. 'La Via Luonge' was movie of the Bunnymen's 1981 European Tour and followed them on tour from the UK to the gig at Uffizi Square in Florence. It was shown in art houses around the UK in 1982 and ended up on the 'Shine So Hard' video. It only lasted 18 minutes but two more tracks were recorded which did not make the film but are included here.


'Live @ Ochre 7'  CD Album

This CD album features both the full live sets from Avrocar and yellow6 recorded at the Ochre 7 festival at Gloucester Guildhall on November 17th 2001. Boths acts first appeared on Ochre with tracks on the 'Infrasonic Waves' compilation series. The Avrocar track 'Themes These Three' was a remix by Telefunken and became a record of the week on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio One 'Breezeblock Show'. It was also played by Ed from Radiohead as one of his favourite tracks of all time, when on Steve Lamacq's Evening Session. Avrocar have released in the past on labels such as Enraptured and Earworm. This live set posseses a dark, haunting, surreal sound that is reminiscent of 'Heart and Soul' era Joy Divsion.
yellow6 is Leicestershire musician Jon Attwood and who's music is currently being heard on Channel 4 TV program 'Wasted'. Ochre 7 was the debut live performance by yellow6. yellow6 have released a debut album 'Overtone' on Enraptured and a mail-order album on Jonathan Whiskey. The third album 'Lake:Desert' was released on Ochre in December 2001.


'Infinite Love'  CD Album Deleted

Kawabata Makoto is the chief guru of Japanese outfit ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARADISO U.F.O. 'Infinite Love' is the latest solo release from Kawabata and is without doubt, one of his finest solo releases to date. A release that could only be described as a pure heavenly slice of blissed out space rock.
On his solo recordings Kawabata states "When I play any sort of instrument - not just guitar - I never think that it's me making the music. In my head I constantly hear sounds from the cosmos. I believe that these sounds are constantly there, all around us. I'm just the receiver in a radio, picking up these sounds and transforming them with my hands into a form that everyone can hear. I'm constantly striving to become a better receiver - picking up sounds from ever higher dimensions, picking them up ever more precisely, reproducing them ever more exactly. That's my aim."



'Ochre 7 Festival'  CD Album

CD Programme to accompany the Ochre 7 Festival at Gloucester Guildhall 17th November 2001. This will be given free to everyone attending the festival but if you can't make it, we have a very limited number on sale for £10.00. Features Applecraft, Longstone, Skyray, Land of Nod etc etc.


'Archive:02'  CD Double Album

This 28 track compilation includes all the non-album material from The Land of Nod released to date on various labels between June 1995 and April 2001. The majority of the tracks on this compilation appear for the first time on CD. Archive includes previously unreleased live tracks, demo's and studio out-takes. Archive highlights the musical progression of The Land of Nod in which they attempt to hypnotise the listener into their surreal dreamlike universe.

OCH028LCD 90° South

'Plans for Travel'  CD Album

Plans for Travel is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Ochre Debut album from 90° South 'The Barrier Silence' and the mini-albium on A.A.R Recordings 'A Distant Memory of Home'.

'Plans for Travel' is a collection of nine pieces inspired by classic journeys and the ground breaking pioneers of land, sea and sky. From the sleek Schneider trophy winning Supermarine S6 sea plane and the huge Ekranoplan cold war ground effect craft to the early electric locomotives and the beuatiful Citroen DS. Soundscapes to take you across oceans and continents by trains, boats and planes, airships, cars and motorcycles.


'Reality Flows'  CD Album

Reality Flows is the debut album from Cheltenham's Lakescene which features The Land of Nod's guitarist Ant Walker.

Lakesecene draw on the stately twang of Godspeed You Black Emperor and the more understated musings of Labradford and Mogwai, leading them on in their quest to put the many images and sounds that surround them, into an audible format. 'Reality Flows' stimulates an all-encompassing desire to escape reality and live outside of its meandering melancholy, while at the same time drawing on the inner beauty of everyday consciousness.


'Archif:01'  CD Album

This compilation pulls together all of the non-album Stylus material that has been released to date on various labels since the debut Stylus release in April 1997 through to the 'Pluen Eira' Ochre Christmas single in December 2000. The majority of the tracks on this compilation appear here for the first time on CD.



'Infrasonic Waves'  Double CD Album

Infrasonic Waves is the new 33 track compilation double album that features an eclectic mix of acts that represent the electronic and experimental underground. CD 1 features Volumes 1 to 4 of the legendary Ochre 7" vinyl Infrasonic Waves EP Series whilst CD2 features 17 exclusive tracks from artists who did not appear in the original vinyl series.

OCH024LCD yellow6

'lake:desert''  CD Album Deleted

yellow6 is Leicestershire musician Jon Attwood. yellow6 have released a debut album 'Overtone' on Enraptured and a mail-order album for Jonathan Whiskey. Lake:desert, yellow6's third album release is an 11 track 70 minute CD featuring tracks recored during the first half of 2001. These recordings move further into the utilisation of the digital studio as an instrument and include more elements of looping and cut & paste techniques, along with the self-improvised guitar work of previous releases.


'Skomargraph'  CD Album

Skomargraph is the new album from experimental musician Dafydd Morgan and is the eagerly awaited follow-up to lat year's critically acclaimed debut album. Skomargraph musically draws it's inspiration from Dafydd's field trips onto Skomer Island, situated off the West Wales coast and its surrounding area. At times it evokes musically the ghosts of Jim O'Rourke, David Pajo's Aerial M and Stars of the Lid. Dafydd has attempted to conjour up the reclusive, haunting, emotive feelings within the music, that is so evident from witnessing the beautiful landscape which inspired the tracks on Skomargraph.


'Timeless Point'  CD Album Deleted

Cheltenham duo The Land of Nod return with their new album, the follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed 'Translucent' album. Timeless point sees the Nod conjure up the dreamy soundscapes of acts such as Windy & Carl and Flying Saucer attack whilst fusing them with folky Japanese experimentalists Ghost and including a nod towards Krautrock. Timeless point is an album that hypnotizes the listener into The Land of Nod's surreal dreamlike universe. Live favourites 'Ice Station Nod' and 'Noose of Ice' are included as is a reworking of the track 'Masaki' that was previously released as a 10" on Ochre.


'This New Terrain'  CD Album Deleted

Pulsar is Ant Walker of Cheltenham based duo The Land of Nod. 'This New Terrain' is the debut album from Pulsar. Influences on this album range from the sonic beats of Transient Waves, eclecticism of Flowchart and the intricacy of Tortoise. 'This New Terrain' is a collection of pieces that are intended to portray barren, unformed and unvisited expanses. The themes of the album ponder different states, places and experiences and face up to the uncertainties found at the cutting edge of science.



'271199'  CD Album

Featuring live tracks specifically recorded at the Ochre 5 Festival in Gloucester on the 27th November 1999 which celebrated the first five years of Ochre Records and was headlined by The Creeping Meetball (a five piece collaborative one-off performance which included Sean Cook, Mike Mooney and Damon Reece of Lupine Howl - all ex-Spiritualized - plus John Baggot from Portishead and Angelo Bruschini of Massive Attack). Other live tracks include Experimental Audio Research, Glide, Skyray,Amp, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, The Land of Nod, Longstone, Infinity Chimps, 90° South and The Serpents. Also includes a piece specifically recorded for the festival by The Mindwinder.


'Performance'  CD Album Deleted

Glide is the experimental project of Echo and the Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant. Performance is split into three sections
a) The complete live performance at the 'Ochre 5 Live' one-day festival held at Gloucester Guildhall in November 1999
b) The interlude track 'Prog #2'
c) A thirty-one minute experimental piece 'Frozen Teardrop in Space' a track that Sergeant has created using sseyo-koan pro-generative software.


'The Shining City on the Hill'  CD Album

Applecraft is the duo Mike Mooney and Don Mandarin. Mike Mooney is also a member of Lupine Howl. Mike having been at the forefront of the alternative music scene over the past decade having been guitarist in Spiritualized, The Sex Gods as well as performing on three of Julian Cope's epic albums of the nineties. Remember the awesome guitar solo in 'Safe Surfer' on the Peggy Suicide album? Don Mandarin meanwhile is a singer / songwriter from rural North Somerset.

The Shining City on the Hill features a guest performance from Lupine Howl (and ex-Spiritualized) members Damon Reece & Sean Cook.


'Alien Registration Office'  CD Album

'Alien Registration Office' is the new album from A.M.P Studio, the solo project of AMP's Richard Walker. The follow up to the highly critically acclaimed debut 'Syzygy', 'Alien Registration Office' can only be described as taking the listener on several excursions through realms simultaneously beautiful and restless. Curdled synth lines, rolls of indescence, contoured tones, neon pulses, tidal dissonance, heaving drum loops and the sound of a distant world spinning off it's axis. AMP have been at the forefront of the post-rock / experimental scene over the past few years releasing on several highly respected labels including Kranky Records of Chicago, who have released the two stunning AMP albums 'astralmoonbeamprojections' and 'Stenorette'.


'Alien Registration Office with Music for Misfits and Malcontents'  Double LP Album

'The vinyl version' is limited to 500 and comes as double including, for the first time ever on vinyl, 'Syzygy', the debut A.M.P Studio album.

OCH016LCD Unexplained Transmissions

'Unexplained Transmissions'  CD Album

'Unexplained Transmissions is' the side project of Füxa's Randall Nieman. Füxa have been at the fore front of the Space Rock / Astral scene for the last few years releasing mainly on their own Mind Expansion label in America as well as on i, the Ché subsidiary here in the UK. The 'Unexplained Transmissions' album culls together the two mini-vinyl albums, 'Spacewalk' and '+'/'-' that came out previously as limited editions of 500 on the Mind Expansion label in the States. Both of those releases, are released here for the first time anywhere in the world on CD. The tracks are pure slices of space rock delight, drifting with ease to the centre of the mind. They gently take the listener on a flight around the galaxy, riding a soothing trip, weaving in and out of the solar system whilst surfing the astral plane!



'Live at the Dream Palace'  CD Album

Limited Edition Mail-order only live CD album of the EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH 'Data Rape' show at the Dream Palace, New Orleans in November 1997.


'The Barrier Silence'  CD Album

The debut album from 90° SOUTH whose excellent 'U.H.F' appeared on the 'Decalogue' 10" which had reviewers comparing the band to Labradford, Calexico and Tortoise. A theme of pioneering travel under harsh conditions runs throughout the album.


'E For Experimantal'  CD Album

'E For Experimental' is a compilation culling the MVAL releases on illustrious labels such as Via-Satellite, Ear-worm, Enraptured, Creeping Sent, Trunk & Vesuvius. The compilation also includes as some previously unreleased pieces. Limited digi-pack release.


'The Last Seaweed Collecting Hut At Freshwater West'  CD Album

The debut album from STYLUS who to date has released the 'Kinski' split 10" on Ochre as well as tracks on the 'Decaloque' 10", 'Infrasonic Waves-Volume One' 7" EP and the 'Groom Lake' 8" EP. The album is split into two sections with the final four tracks written about the last remaining seaweed collectinq hut at Freshwater West.


'Mind Lagoons'  CD Album Deleted

'Mind Lagoons' is Skyray's third and most focused work to date, with it's hints of exotica and pacific rim psychedelia. SKYRAY is led by Teardrop Explodes cofounder member Paul Simpson, who later switched keyboard duties to front The Wild Swans, Contributions on 'Mind Lagoons' include ex-Gorky member John Lawrence, Longstone, Alan Holmes (Ectogram) and narration on title track from Tenzing Scott-Brown (Bill Drummond actually!).



'You Have Just Been Poisoned By'  CD Album Deleted

Recorded over two weekends in several locations in North Wales and featuring thirty-four participants! An experimental-psych-kraut-prog master-piece that includes Will Sergeant (Bunnymen / Glide), John Lawrence (Gorky's), Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Longstone, Skyray, The Land Of Nod, Ectogram, Stylus, David Wrench, Melys, Rheinallt H. Rowlands, 90° South, Môr amongst others.


'Pestrepeller'  CD Album

The new album from E.A.R sees Sonic Boom treat, re-structure, re-work and process the Ultrasonic Wave Pestrepeller Attack. Limited to 1900 in mirror-board Wallet.


'Pestrepeller'  Vinyl Album

Limited to 1000 and pressed on clear vinyl with red and silver glitter housed within! This will not be re-pressed!


'We Are the World'  CD Album

The Gurus of Mystic Disco follow up the lavishly packaged debut 'Family Of God' debut album with 'We Are The World'. Limited to 1000 in digi-pack. Exotica clashes with psychedelia and lounge! The album ends with the sixteen minute 'Center For The Dull', named after the clothes store in New York where, underneath, the Familv Of God record and rehearse!


'Translucent'  CD Album

The debut album from The Land Of Nod. 'Translucent is an album in which takes the listener off into their own surreal universe. Beautifully crafted soundscapes clash with full-on experimental kraut like grooves. Hypnotic, dreamy, trance like. Limited to 500.


'Tranquiliser'  CD Album Deleted

Skyray is the solo project of Paul Simpson (ex Teardrop Explodes / The Wild Swans). 'Tranquilliser' is the collected works to date released by Ochre. Both 10" singles, 'Invisible' and 'Neptune Variations' are included as are two unreleased tracks 'Pocket Lake' and 'Magnetic North'.



'Surrounded by Glass'  CD Album

Surrounded by Glass is the debut album from West Country electronic experimental outfit LONGSTONE. Described as 'knob twiddling ultra boffins' in Vox and 'impressive gear freaks' in the NME! Longstone mine a similar vein to Kreidler, Mouse On Mars and To Roccoco Rot.


'Family of God'  Double CD Album

Double CD housed in stunning digi-pack box! An infectious mix of exotica, Psychedelia, Lounge and Mystic Disco. "Family Of God stretches out it's pop and lounge music influences into mesmerizing psychedelic rock or 'mystic disco' - New York Times.


'Coming Round at Calums'  CD Album

12 track compilation of exclusive material from Will Sergeant's GLIDE (an exclusive remix of 'Wormhole'), exclusive BOM track, exclusive TIMESHARD remix of 'Youniverse'. Calum's also features THE MINDWINDER / DJ TEMPEST / YOSUN / THE BASS CADETS / SPACE PONY / HALF INCH / OOZE etc.


'Bom Bom Shevaya'  CD Album Deleted

BOM are Spiritualized drummer Damon Reece and Jake Brockman ex Sex Gods and Divine Thunderbolt Corps. Jake was also player (known as the 'fifth' Bunnymen) in the band's heyday in the 80's. Includes collaboration with Will Sergeant.


'Space Age Freak Out'  CD Album Deleted

Glide is the psychedelic tripscape project of Bunnymen guitarist WILL SERGEANT The CD contains all of the live performance at The Bubble Bath in Liverpool plus twenty minutes of extra studio tracks.


'Space Age Freak Out'  Vinyl Album Deleted


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