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Every month in 2000 an exclusive Ochre track was made available here as an mp3.

January Glide 'Prog #2' 4:56 (Sergeant) is a beautiful, shimmering soundscape from Glide.
This MP3 is no longer available
February Pulsar 'The Thaw' 4:05 (Walker) Pulsar is the side project of Ant Walker from Cheltenham's The Land of Nod. Other Pulsar tracks are available on Infrasonic Waves Vol IV (OCH039) and the 4th release of the 8x8" series(OCH037).
This MP3 is no longer available
March Longstone 'Level One' 2:34 (Cross/Ward) An exclusive track from the Westcountry's premier post-rock duo. Also available from Longstone on Ochre is the debut album 'Surrounded by Glass ' The second album 'auto://genous' on Space Age is in all the best record shops right now. The Longstone web-site is at http://www.longstoned.com.
This MP3 is no longer available
April 90 South 'Four Stroke (Single Cylinder)' 2:31 (Fox) An exclusive track from 90 South. Also available from 90 South on Ochre is the debut album 'The Barrier Silence '. Check out the 90 South website.
This MP3 is no longer available
May Stylus 'Coracle' 1:53 (Stylus) An exclusive track from Stylus. Also available from Stylus on Ochre is the debut album 'The Last Seaweed Collecting Hut at Freshwater West '. Stylus recently completed a debut live performance at the Seaweed Collecting Hut at Freshwater West, Dyfed
This MP3 is no longer available
June Wr Twr 'Skeleton of a Song' 2:35 (Wr Twr) 'Skeleton of a Song' is a mellow slice of pastoral space-rock from Wr Twr, who is rumoured to have been the godfather of the Ochre Cheltenham scene but whose identity must, for now, remain a mystery! Expect more material soon.
This MP3 is no longer available
July Brickwerk 'Theme From Brickwerk' 2:28 (Ward/Fox) An exclusive Brickwerk track which is actually a collaboration with 90 South. Also features the inimitable voice of Oliver Postgate.
This MP3 is no longer available
August yellow6 'Unknowing a' 4:36 (Attwood) yellow6 is the solo project of Jon Attwood from Leicestershire in the UK, a self taught guitarist who grew up with punk, playing in 80's anarcho-punk band 'Hagar the Womb'. Recent comparisons have been made to Seefeel, MBV, Nick Drake and Bark Psychosis amongst others but yellow6 maintains an individual identity. Described by some as an electronica/post-rock cross over and others as 'tripped-out, concentrated slo-mo psychedelic drone music'. Find out more from the yellow6 website.
This MP3 is no longer available
September The Freed Unit 'Emmeline Angel' 2:50 (Kerry) An exclusive track from another Leicester act, The Freed Unit who have albums currently available on Enraptured and Bdedazzled. 'Emmeline Angel' is a gentle slice of 60's psychedelia reminiscent of early Syd era Pink Floyd.
This MP3 is no longer available
October The Land of Nod 'Chronicle Blueprint #3 (Live)' 3:55 (Land of Nod) Recorded live at The 'Le Weekend' Festival, Cowane Theatre, Stirling on 28th May 1999. Guest appearance by the Mount Vernon Arts Lab on Turbine Generator. Another track from the gig, 'Ice Station Nod' which also features Mount Vernon Arts Lab, appears on the The Land Of Nod Archive01 album that forms part of the Ochre 'Archive' Series. The Land Of Nod CD features tracks previously un-available on CD and those released on other labels culled together onto one CD. The album is scheduled for release in March 2001.
This MP3 is no longer available
November Ectogram 'A Trousers' 3:08 (Ectogram) A prime slice of Welsh weirdness from the incomparable Ectogram.
This MP3 is no longer available
December The Serpents 'Jellyfish in Erring Waters' 4:20 (The Serpents) Our last MP3 is an exclusive preview of material recorded at the second Serpents recording session which took place at the Bryn Derwen Recording Studio in North Wales in Autumn 1999.
This MP3 is no longer available
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